Blueberry Yogurt Eyes

I find myself having conversations with you,
Blueberry yogurt eyes,

When I listen to our favourite song,

When I make breakfast at 6:30 AM,

When I hear birds chirping under the German sun,

I find myself having conversations,

When my jumper smells like you,

When I walk past your favourite cereal,

When I look at my freckles in the mirror,

When I listen to Avril 14th,

There’s an indie montage of us that plays in my head,

Where I don’t talk about you in past tense anymore,

Of us dancing in the kitchen,

Of us pointing at things only we find funny,

Of me running my thumb along your lips,

Of messy sheets and unmade beds,

Your morning voice and tryst goodbyes,

Of us holding hands, kissing because we can’t wait till we get home,

When the montage ends,
I find myself having conversations with you,

In my head,

My sweet, blueberry yogurt eyes. 

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