I’ve always been in awe of people who are brave enough to spill their feelings online. A part of me thinks they’re all fools (bc srsly, why let people in your head like that??!!) A part of me thinks they’re brave (bc I’ve never had the courage to be an open book even to my close friends- let alone strangers on the internet)

Anyway, I’m yet another typical, internet addicted, pop culture obsessed millennial trying to get by with Swiggy, Instagram and Twitter by her side.
I used to write cringey Facebook status updates but little did I know I would end up doing it for a living. The first time I was appreciated for my writing was when I was in 5th standard. My class had to write an essay on friendship (General essay for 5 marks) and I had written about my best friend at that time and how she’s always been there for me. How she helped me find my gold stopper way back in second standard by personally sweeping the entire classroom from one corner to the other while I was sitting and quietly panicking. Any desi child who was physically disciplined (literally with a ladle ok) would know how scary this situation can be. But she was also a child, she didn’t have to do it for me, yet she did. I had made a smol pun on how friendship is a ship that would never sink because friends keep you afloat. (Yes yes this is from Mustafa Mustafa but I didn’t rip it off. Promise.) My teacher was impressed with it that she made the whole class applaud for me and gave me the highest score for it! (four and a half out of five :P)

I wonder how she would react if she came to know about this, haha!

So here we go. This is me trying to be brave enough to let people (mostly randos, creeps and LoCaLiTy BoYz) into my head. My extremely quiet yet chaotic head.

Also having your own website would look cool on the Gram no 😛

I’ve always been super self critical, be nice to me!

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