What’s this fuckery?

Bound in your own personal prison made of bones and flesh only to do something from 9 to 5 that doesn’t make you happy with people who don’t make you happy till the said prison slowly gives up, one organ at a time till it just can’t go on anymore. 

One day you’re just “gaining experience” and saving up to travel whenever you can. You don’t want to buy houses or cars like the rest of them- no. You want to invest in life experiences. Do some soul searching and find out what Christopher McCandless talks about in Into The Wild (spoiler alert: he dies) But before you know it, you’re coddling Ravi from HR’s ego, working with people who are too dumb to have the designation that they do and paying house bills because amma, appa are paavam. 

All this while juggling between best friends who gossip about you and best friends who know your favourite flavour of Lays, leaving people on ‘seen’ for someone who leaves you on ‘seen’, or being the 22/7 perfect girlfriend to someone who finds joy in listening to all the mundane details about your day. Or just being ‘SiNgLe’ but really hiding within a dense cloud of loneliness neatly wrapped in trauma from previous relationships, trust issues and mental illness.

But hey, at least there’s videos of clingy cats out there to distract you from all this, right? Somewhere a homeless person thought he or she was gonna starve the whole day but managed to eat a meal. Somewhere a really old man with wrinkled face and no teeth smiled at something that reminded him of his youth. Somewhere a child’s day is made because his or her favourite teacher gave him or her a gold star on his or her homework. Somewhere a teenager came out to their parents and they hugged them in response. Somewhere it’s a better place for people and soon it’ll be for you too. It takes time to get to your somewhere, is all. 

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